Freedom Remembered Seminar Photos

Mark and his students researched the history, culture and descendants of the Longtown Settlement, a freedmen’s community located in Darke County, Ohio. 

Originally settled by Quakers, the community became a destination for slaves traveling north on the Underground Railroad. The students documented the rich and diverse history of the settlement, and its remnant landscape and architecture, producing a film for their community partner, The Union Literary Institute Preservation Society

During the field study and site excavation, students unearthed several artifacts which they then analyzed, inventoried and used in creating a technical report of the findings. Drawing on methods of applied anthropology, historical archaeology, cultural geography and public history, the class also produced a preservation plan for its community partner.

Remembering Freedom Class Photo Mark Groover
Mark Groover, Associate Professor of Anthropology
L-R, Front Row: Professor Mark Groover, Marc Keith, Allison Troutner, Gina (Gigi) Robinson, Emma Hofeling, Jessica Miller, Zachary Coffman, Rory Whitted; Second Row: Antonio Westmoreland, Dustin Payne, Tyler Wolford, Megan Sangl, Roshele Jackson, Kari Wilhems.