The Liar’s Bench Seminar Photo Collage
Jennifer and her students used theater as a platform to explore the history of Brown County and Nashville, Indiana.

Inspired by the essays of Dillon Bustin and the work of photographer Frank Hohenberger, they immersed themselves in the research of the Brown County community during the 1920’s. Studying and becoming the characters they discovered, the team worked diligently composing numerous songs and creating a narrative, transforming their research into an original musical, If you Don’t Outdie Me

Concert performances of the musical were given at Choral Hall on campus, and at the Brown County Playhouse, the seminar’s community partner, in Nashville, Indiana.

View the Liar’s Bench Seminar website to learn more about the project.

The Liar’s Bench Seminar Class Photo Jennifer Blackmer
Jennifer Blackmer, Assistant Professor of Theatre
L-R, Ground: Joel Kirk, Jessica Conrad, Andrew Neylon, Anna Segatti, Molly Wagner, Jennifer Blackmer, Rebecca Austin, Kirsten Fentz, Justin Pierce, Zach McNair; Tree Lower Row: Julie Barber, Brandy Drzymkowski, Sarah Paradise, Bob Prescott; Tree Upper Row: Jordan West, Cameron Tragesser, Caleb Donahoe.