Games and Learning Seminar Photos

Paul and his students studied the relationship between games, fun, and learning to develop a video game representing the belief that these things can coexist and be incredibly effective in education.

Through the evolution of paper prototypes and play testing the game with children, they developed the groundwork for the digital version of “Mystery at the Museum.” The team partnered with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to create an engaging game that introduces players to the behind-the-scenes workings of a children’s museum by showing them how artifacts are chosen to create exhibits and then letting them create different digital exhibits.

View the Games and Learning website to learn more about the project.

Games and Learning Seminar Class Photo Paul Gestwicki
Paul Gestwicki, Associate Professor of Computer Science
L-R, front row: Travis Cawthorn, Christopher Dibble, Ashley Swartz, Josh Hurst, Diane Berg, Nicholas Walters; Second Row: Ryan Thompson, Jacque Schrag, Caitlyn Rickey, David Rickey, Paul Gestwicki, Lauren Buroker, Lyle Franklin; (not pictured) Rebecca Austin.