Spring 2013 Breaking the Prejudice Habit Seminar Photo Collage
Mary and her students studied the problems of stereotyping and prejudice in depth, examining recent social science research and interviewing victims of prejudice as well as activists working to eradicate prejudice.

The seminar created a website and educational materials addressing how people can confront prejudice in their everyday lives. Additionally, the students consulted with their community partners - the Society for Teaching Psychology, the Social Psychology Network, the CatalystLead Group, and TEAMwork for Quality Living - about strategies to reduce prejudice in order to produce public service announcement videos, and launch a social media campaign designed to raise awareness of social issues embedded in society and combat existing inequalities.

View the Breaking the Prejudice Habit Seminar website to learn more about the project.

Breaking the Prejudice Habit Seminar Class Photo Mary Kite
Mary Kite, Professor of Psychological Science
L-R, Front Row: Nicole Szoko, Hanna Ballas; Second Row: Kelly Meredith, Haley Turk, Daniel Na, Samantha Ellison, Bridget Ryan, Marli Simpson; Third Row: Seth Johnson, Khyrstin Chance, Stephen Gabourel, Will Stuller, LaDeidre Robinson, Austin Russel, Mary Kite.