Making Ideas Visible Seminar Photos
Juli and her students explored how good art makes you think and how philosophy creates powerful images.

Seminar members included students representing majors in both art and philosophy, who taught each other how artistic creativity fuels philosophic inquiry and how philosophic inquiry encourages artistic creativity. The class created a vast collection of artwork and authored a compilation of philosophic essays - written collaboratively between philosophers and artists - to accompany each piece of art. The seminar culminated in a gallery show displaying the art produced; the class also produced a book, Ideas Made Visible: An Exploration of Art and Philosophy, to represent the full intertwining of art and philosophy from their seminar experience.

The proceeds from the sale of the artwork were contributed to the K-12 art fund of the seminar’s community partner, Gallery 308.

Making Ideas Visible Seminar Class Photo Juli Efflin
Juli Eflin, Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy And Religious Studies
L-R, Front Row: Kentory (Kai) Bennett, Nicole Pancini, Mollie Baumann; Second Row: Caleb Mosier, Tessa Click, Holly Lay, Veronica Buckler, Siera Scott, Juli Eflin; Third Row: Elise Rorick, Katherine (Katie) Wilkerson, Kelsey Ebbert, Casey Parmerlee; Fourth Row: Joshua Barthuly, Ben Barrett, Felicity Young.