A payroll deduction is when an employer subtracts a specific amount from an employee’s pay and puts the funds toward various accounts, such as taxes, insurance, flexible spending, health savings, retirement, child support, garnishments, pension, recreation services, and more. In most situations, employees enter into payroll deductions on a voluntary basis. Log in to Self-Service Banner (SSB) to view your deductions. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Types of Deductions

Most employees need to pay federal, state, and local taxes on their wages, as well as Medicare and Social Security (also known as FICA). Learn more.

Upon receipt of a child support or garnishment order, payroll will notify the employee and begin after-tax payroll deductions per the instructions outlined in the order.

As an employee, you will need to buy a parking pass from Parking Services. Ball State offers several options with varying rates, depending on your needs.

Buy Parking Pass

  • Alumni Contribution – Ball State Fund
  • Alumni Contribution – WIPB
  • Alumni Contribution – WBST

Payroll Deduction Form (PDF)

Post-tax contributions that are income tax free as long as the future withdrawals are used for qualified higher education expenses. Learn more.

Employees may elect a voluntary United Way contribution to support local communities.

United Way is an annual campaign that starts with the first pay in January; your pledge is deducted each pay period until satisfied.

Union dues are a voluntary deduction available to service personnel. Payroll deduction authorization cards are available from union stewards.

Deductions are made from each paycheck.