As an employee or Kronos manager, you have a lot of important dates to remember. Use the payroll calendars listed below to assist you with Kronos due dates, pay dates, number of workdays, and holidays.

Current Year

This payroll calendar identifies Kronos due dates, check dates, pay period begin and end dates, and payroll processing days for each pay cycle.

  2023 Bene Days Payroll Process FAQs

The biweekly payroll schedule identifies pay dates for faculty,  professional, exempt staff, nonexempt staff, and service personnel.


This calendar identifies specific pay dates for students, graduate assistants, assistant hall directors, and resident managers.

The academic year workday calendar shows the start and end dates as well as the total number of workdays.

10 Month — Faculty, Graduate Assistants, Resident Hall Directors, and Resident Managers

12 Month Employees - Professional and Exempt Staff