University Funded Retirement Plans

Ball State employees participate in one of three university funded retirement plans: the Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF), Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund (TRF), or the Alternate Pension Plan (APP).

Faculty and Professional Employees

Upon eligibility, Faculty and Professional Employees may choose between the following two plans:

If the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits does not receive an affirmative election for the APP within 60 calendar days of their eligibility date then the employee will be enrolled in the default Indiana Teachers Retirement Fund (TRF). 

Service and Staff Employees

As of their first eligibility date Staff and Service employees are automatically enrolled in the following retirement plan:

Voluntary Retirement Plans

The university offers the following two voluntary retirement plans to help employees reach their retirement savings goals:

Phased Retirement Program

The Ball State University  Phased Retirement Program is a program designed to give eligible University faculty members an opportunity for pre-retirement reduction of full-time service while phasing into retirement over a period of not more than three years. 

Retiring from Ball State University

If you are considering retiring from Ball State University learn more about eligibility and Retiree Benefits.