Thinking about Retiring?

If you're thinking about retirement, there are several factors for you to consider and steps you will need to take. A good place to start is by reviewing the requirements for the various employment categories and then using the checklist to make sure you follow the correct process.

Faculty and Professional Employees

Service and Staff Employees

If you have questions about your eligibility for retirement or regarding the retirement process, please call the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits at 765-285-8461 and ask to speak with a retirement/pension representative.

Retiree Insurance Benefits

You can continue your insurance coverage after retiring from Ball State. We have medical and prescription, dental, and life insurance plans for retirees.

Retiree Life Insurance

Eligible retirees are able to continue our group term life insurance policy. The amount of coverage to which you are entitled at retirement reduces to 103% of two times the final salary (or salary on June 30 in the year you attain age 66 if active beyond age 66) multiplied by 50%, up to a maximum benefit amount of $37,500. The university continues to pay its share of the premium. You will be billed for your share of the premium on a monthly basis.