Get the data and analysis you need from Banner, Canvas, and many other systems across campus with Information Technology’s dedicated resources to enterprise data analytics and reporting.

The Enterprise Data Analytics team can provide analysis and reports in many analytical file formats (Excel, comma separated, etc.), along with charts, graphs, and infographics.

Enterprise Data Analytics

The Enterprise Data Analytics team spends much of its time obtaining and preparing data from multiple Information Technology systems, especially the Banner ERP system, for analysis and reporting across campus. We analyze and shape the structure of that data in such a way to better facilitate official reporting and analysis, including trends over time.

Enterprise Data Reporting

The Enterprise Data Analytics and Reporting team provides reporting options for various enterprise systems data. We support the following products.

Argos is the report-writing tool for the University. Users can quickly find data from a QuickView to using a full interactive report in an OLAP cube.

Argos can pull data from Banner and produce comma separated files, fixed or delimited files or banded reports with graphics, grouping and summaries. Argos reports can be saved or printed locally, they can be scheduled to print to a network printer or emailed.

The Enterprise Data Analytics and Reporting team can also provide training for Argos reporting. Contact Missy Adkison for more information.

FormFusion is branding software that allows us to produce tax forms, statements and transcripts using the Banner data being run from a Banner job.

IntelleCheck is check writing software that uses the Banner jobs to produce batches of checks which can be printed or direct deposited printing or emailing receipts.

ePrint software is a product that works directly with Banner and Banner jobs. You may choose to have jobs sent to an ePrint repository either directly from Banner or through UC4 scheduling. The reports must be defined in ePrint before they can be viewed.


Please contact Missy Adkison or Joe Freeman regarding Data Analytics and Reporting questions or problems.