Unified Communications (UC) is the combination of telephone, video, and data services into a comprehensive organization dedicated to meeting all of your voice, video, and online communications needs. We provide the infrastructure that gives you dial tone, the data jack for your computer, the Wi-Fi signal you use with your laptop and smartphone, and the video network that enables teleconferencing with others around the world. Unified Communications enables you to efficiently interact with others here on the Ball State campus, in the local community, and in the global Internet community.


Unified Communications has changed the way voice service is delivered on campus. Traditionally the jacks and wires used by the telephone set were separate from the ones used by the computer. After migrating to Voice over IP (VoIP), we’re now able to collapse both services to a single jack. VoIP allows you to plug your phone into the network port, and your computer into the back of the phone.

Have you just moved into a new office or need a telephone in your existing one? You can submit a request form through the Technology HelpDesk to schedule that installation.

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Ball State provides personal cellular phone discounts to employees and students.

Current Ball State employees are eligible for discounts from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile for personal service. These discounts are available whether you are an existing or new customer.

Current Ball State students are eligible for discounts from AT&T for personal service.

Video Conferencing

Ball State provides two different kinds of video conferencing capabilities. Our Video Network Information Center (VNIC) provides large-scale video conferencing capabilities such as classroom-to-classroom communication.

We also provide small-scale video conferencing capabilities for both students and employees via WebEx, allowing you to collaborate on projects and host meetings with people in various locations.

The Video Network Information Center (VNIC) implements video conferencing technology for real-time communication, so that faculty and staff at Ball State University can communicate classroom to classroom or meeting room to meeting room. The VNIC has extensive experience collaborating with groups from all across the globe.

VNIC provides technical support for video conference technology for both on-campus and far-site locations. The VNIC is also instrumental in providing faculty with awareness of video conferencing techniques, and proper setup of equipment to initiate a video conference. By providing technical support and being a liaison with your far-site connection, the VNIC enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your video conference experience.

Book a Video Conference

If you are interested in booking a video conference, please fill out the VNIC Request Form. After the form is received, a VNIC representative will be contacting you by phone to obtain further information.

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Video Network Information Center.

For small-scale video conferences, Ball State uses WebEx, a tool that allows online meetings and collaboration from virtually any device.

Faculty and staff can schedule and host meetings with up to 50 attendees, while students can host up to eight attendees.

All WebEx users can join for a complete audio, video, and collaboration experience via a PC, Mac, or Smartphone, while attendees to meetings hosted by faculty and staff can dial-in via a standard telephone for an audio only connection.

With WebEx, you can:

  • collaborate on group projects with fellow students
  • host a meeting where attendees who are spread across campus or even the world can collaborate on documents
  • provide training to a group of attendees
  • conduct an ad-hoc multi-party video conference
  • create a personal Telephone Meeting Room (faculty/staff site only)
  • teach a seminar from any location at anytime
  • establish virtual-office hours to increase student to faculty interaction
  • reduce travel expenses, travel time, and carbon footprint

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Network Access

Information Technology provides network access to Internet resources and campus academic systems such as Canvas. VPN access is also available for individuals who need remote, secure access to campus resources.

Wireless access is provided using 802.11n and 802.11ac access points throughout the campus. Information Technology provides three wireless networks:

  • bsuconnect is a secure network for faculty, staff, and students
  • bsuguest which is intended for our campus visitors
  • eduroam which can be used by guests from participating schools along with Ball State faculty, staff, and students.

Information Technology also provides a rich set of network tools that allow you to view information about your connection's status and network speeds.