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Ball State University Digital Corps provides a creative and collaborative program in which our undergraduate students support the academic success of the University.

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The Digital Corps provides superior training and great experiences within a student’s chosen craft to help prepare for a career, along with workshops focused on professional preparedness.

Students come together to form interdisciplinary teams focused on creative problem solving. They have backgrounds in:

  • video production
  • design
  • communication
  • user experience
  • development

The Digital Corps isn’t a place to turn in a project for a grade. Every student project has real-world clients and real-world impact. Creating an expectation of professional, high-quality work means students build a stronger portfolio and clients receive outstanding results.

From small campus audiences to the national stage, the Digital Corps provides students an opportunity to create real, client-based work for the entire university community.

Available Services

The Digital Corps’ focus on interdisciplinary collaboration means they’re well equipped to assist faculty with creative classroom projects. If you have a classroom project that needs technology resources, please contact the Digital Corps by email or call 765-285-3004.

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