Your Ball State ID Number

Your Ball State ID number is a unique number generated when you become a student or employee.

To find your Ball State ID number, log into myBSU, click on Self-Service Banner, then click the Personal Information tab.

About Your Ball State ID Card

Your Ball State ID card is an official form of identification while you are at Ball State. It has your full name, role (student, employee, vendor, etc.), and your photo. You will use it for many important services such as building access, meal plans, athletic events, and much more.

Students, faculty, staff, other affiliates, and vendors that are frequently on campus all need to have a Ball State ID card.

All on-campus Ball State ID card services are located in the ID Card Office, located in Bracken Library, Room BL001. We can answer any questions about your ID card by email or by calling us at 765-285-2273.

 Obtaining Your Ball State ID Card

If you are a new on-campus Ball State student, please make an appointment with the ID Card Office in order to have your picture taken and be issued your Ball State ID card. You can contact us at 765-285-2273 or via email at to make an appointment. 

If you are a fully online or distance education student, you may obtain your Ball State ID Card in the mail by providing us with some information and an acceptable photo.

Provide Contact Information and a Photo

Once you have an acceptable photo available, send an email with the photo attached to and include the following information

  • Subject Line containing your "full name - class level" (Example: Joe Smith – Freshman)
  • Message Text containing:
    • Your Ball State ID Number
    • Your mailing address
    • A telephone number where you can be reached if we need to contact you
  • Attach your photo. Follow the Ball State ID Card Photo Requirements to take your photo. 

We will verify that you have registered for classes, review your identification email, and mail your Ball State ID Card to the address you provided. 

If you are a faculty member, professional staff, or service staff of Ball State University, you can get your Ball State ID card by making an appointment with the ID Card Office, either by phone at 765-285-2273 or by email at

When you come to your appointment, you'll need to bring another type of picture ID with you to verify your identity.

Valid Forms of ID for Identification Verification

  • state driver’s license
  • state-issued identification card
  • military-issued identification card
  • valid U.S. or foreign-issued passport (showing country of origin)
  • permanent resident alien card
  • certificate of U.S. naturalization

Ball State ID Card Photo Requirements

Take a photo of your face and shoulders against a white background. Do not wear a hat, face coverings, or sunglasses in your photo.

Head coverings are acceptable only if demonstrated to be worn in accordance with religious beliefs or as a result of medical treatments, and then only if the head covering does not obscure or obstruct the face (any facial covering must be removed temporarily for the picture).

NOTE: Please do not send senior pictures, glamour shots, etc. Your Ball State ID card photo should be similar in style to your driver’s license or passport photo.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen BSU ID Card

To report a lost or stolen Ball State ID Card, please contact the ID Card Office by visiting us in Bracken Library, Room BL001, by calling us at 765-285-2273, or by sending us an email. Be sure to include your full name and your Ball State ID number in your email. We will mark your card as lost or stolen, preventing anyone else from using your Ball State ID card.

Once you've reported your Ball State ID Card as lost or stolen, you must purchase the $25 replacement card, even if you find your old card.

Replacing Your Ball State ID Card

If your Ball State ID Card is lost or stolen, if the card is damaged (e.g., punching holes in it), or the card becomes unusable, you may obtain a new ID card for a non-refundable $25 replacement fee. You must pay this fee in one of two ways prior to getting your replacement card.

  • Pay with a credit card through Cashnet.
  • Pay the card replacement fee in cash at the Bursar's Office in Lucina Hall, Room B32, and bring your receipt to the ID Card Office in Bracken Library, BL001.

You can pick up your replacement Ball State ID card at the ID Card Office in Bracken Library, Room BL001. You'll need to bring a valid form of identification, such as a state driver's license, passport, permanent resident alien card, or other valid form of identification.

Online and Distance Education Students

Students taking fully online and/or distance education courses may send an email to the ID Card Office, requesting a replacement ID card. Be sure to include your full name, mailing address, and BSU ID number and attach a valid picture file if you want a new one. (If not, we'll just use your current picture). See Ball State ID Card Photo Requirements above for picture file requirements.

You will need to pay the $25 replacement fee with a credit card through Cashnet. The ID Card Office will mail your new ID card to the mailing address you provide in your replacement request email.

ID Card Office Staff Directory

ID Card Office Administration

Deb Howell
Office: BL 001H
Phone: 765-285-1424

ID Card Office Support

Lori Siefker
Office: BL 001B
Phone: 765-285-9134