The Financial Information Systems and Technology department is dedicated to supporting the Ball State University's mission, goals, and core values. We accomplish this by:

  • providing campus wide reporting for Payroll and Controller’s Office (Evision’s Argos reporting)
  • maintaining a campus-wide campus ID system (CBORD’s CS Gold)
  • maintaining the time and attendance system (Kronos)
  • providing support and security for the daily processes for Payroll and Controller’s Office (Ellucian’s Banner HR and Banner Finance)
Financial Information Systems and Technology SERVICES
Financial Information Systems and Technology uses Evision’s Argos reporting tools to create reports for Payroll, Accounts Payable, and the Controller’s Office.  By using the Evision’s Argos reporting system, we empower users to run their own reports, dashboards, and extracts. We support our customers on a daily basis with modification to existing reports and with creating new reports.  
Financial Information systems and Technology administers CBORD’s CS Gold system. CS Gold is a campus-wide campus ID system that is used by Housing, Dining, Recreation Facilities, Student Services, IT, and numerous other places around campus. It is used for Building Access, Campus ID Creation, Cardinal Cash/Burris Bucks/Dining Plus Purchases, and Meal Plan management. On a daily basis, we maintain the CS Gold servers and confirm all automated feeds to and from Banner completed successfully. We configure/program/support the Aero devices which allow for purchases through CS Gold, and other verification functions. We also maintain and setup CS Gold settings and jobs including user groups, patron groups, locations, access schedules, batch jobs, flags, triggers, etc.
Financial information Systems and Technology supports the Kronos, the time and attendance system used by Ball State University. There are sixty-one Kronos InTouch time clocks located throughout campus. Almost every building on campus has at least one time clock installed. We check on a daily basis that each time clock is still functioning normally and that the daily time clock updates completed successfully. We also confirm that the automated daily employee load, and bi-weekly accrual updates completed successfully. We maintain, upgrade, and program the time clocks when needed. We maintain the automated Kronos to Banner, and Banner to Kronos loads, and make changes when needed. We assist Payroll with configuration of settings, and rules within Kronos. We create and complete special processes and/or reporting for license management, holiday mass hour loads, audit reporting, and other needs.We also schedule and test Kronos system updates in the test and production environments.
Financial Information Systems and Technology supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly processes for Payroll and Controller’s office for the Ellucian’s Banner HR and Banner Finance systems, and our team is the first contact for any issue during a payroll process. We will assist Payroll and the Controller's Office in determining any issues in Banner HR and/or Banner Finance and in finding the solution. We confirm on a daily basis the numerous automated department financial feeds have completed successfully. We also answer questions to resolve issues related to Banner HR and Banner Finance. Finally, we check for upcoming Banner HR system, and Tax updates and schedule these updates for both testing and production.
Financial Information Systems and Technology's Jeff George serves as the Data Steward for Banner HR system. As a Data Steward, he approves all security request for anyone that retrieves and updates Banner HR data. Jeff is also a member of the PCI Compliance Committee, which is responsible for providing support and guidance on the proper use of credit cards payments around campus. We also assist with annual PCI compliancy testing for departments and for the University, as well as handling all Bank Security changes for the University.