Brown Family Amphitheater
Brown Family Amphitheater is an outdoor performance and gathering space for a variety of events and performances. The amphitheater is located between Park and Pruis Halls and between Noyer and Woodworth Complexes. It adds to an already vibrant environment while enhancing the sense of place in an area of campus that contains several of the University’s housing facilities.

The amphitheater offers artists and audiences an impressive performance facility. In addition to a stage, the facility features dressing rooms, a green room, storage space, a control room, and a loading dock. The facility features a booth/mix station with a lightboard, soundboard, and more with a line of sight to the stage. There are elevated spotlights, distributed power throughout the venue, motors and truss lighting over the stage, and more.

Charles W. Brown and Louise Tetrick

Year completed: 2023