Intelligent Networked Devices Institute

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INDi seeks to serve the faculty and students of Ball State University; the community; and the technology industry throughout Indiana. INDi brings together and supports the faculty and students from across the university who are investigating the many facets of the Internet of Things (IoT). INDi serves the public through initiatives that include outreach projects to promote STEM education. INDi is also committed to the development of the technology industry in Indiana. INDi will be building a consortium of industry and academic partners with the goal of fostering entrepreneurial opportunities.

INDi is committed to educating students about the possibilities of the Internet of Things. This is accomplished through dedicated courses for IoT, promote the inclusion of IoT content in other courses, and outreach activities.

INDi and its members are actively engaged in each of the focus areas of awareness, education, and research. To learn more about what has been done, follow the INDi Accomplishments link.



 Awareness   Education   Research
INDi is committed to raising awareness of the potential of smart objects. This awareness raising will be accomplished through the first annual  IoT Faculty Symposium. The symposium is an outreach initiative that will highlight how the Internet of Things is being applied in different areas of reserach.   INDi was founded by an interdisciplinary group of faculty from Ball State University. INDi offers an undergraduate IoT course in which students explore the possiblities of smart objects.

The faculty of INDi are actively engaged in a broad range of research associated with the Internet of Things. The major categories in which research is conducted include smart buildings, wearable technologies, security, privacy, ethics, and the behavioral impact of smart objects. 



The mission of the institute is to promote responsible development of smart objects and their interactions with mankind in the Internet of Things.