The Intelligent Networked Devices Institute seeks to promote the development of smart objects by serving as a facilitator of academic and industry research and entrepreneurship.

This will be accomplished through a series of initiatives. The first initiative is the Academic Associates program which brings together the faculty, staff, and students of Ball State University who are exploring the varied aspects of the Internet of Things.

INDi supports the Academic Associates through the following opportunities:

  1. Collaboration opportunities to support the development, funding, and dissemination of research activities
  2. Annual IoT Symposium
  3. Priority access to shared IoT resources

INDi addresses the needs of industry through its Industry Consortium initiative. The Industry Consortium brings together businesses that provide products or services utilizing the embedded systems that underlie the Internet of Things to identify standards and best practices in the development and delivering of products and services. The intent of the Industry Consortium is to foster coopetition among the member organizations by identifying and resolving the issues that impede the overall growth of the industry. This allows the individual businesses to focus on their core competencies that will differentiate them in the marketplace.

The final initiative is to foster collaboration between industry, faculty, and students.The purpose of this initiative is to create entrepreneurial opportunities by harnessing the collective intelligence and creativity of the participating stakeholders.