The Center for Local and State Policy (CLASP) is a collaboration between the Indiana Communities Research Institute at Ball State University and the national Rural Policy Research Institute.

CLASP examines rural communities across America to better understand the unique characteristics, challenges, and opportunities present in rural areas. We provide policy recommendations to state and federal policymakers and local decision makers. The purpose of this work is to provide rural communities with adequate resources, efficient/effective governance, and innovative growth strategies. We also serve as an objective, non-governmental resource for data, information, and analysis of the effects of public policy decisions on rural communities and their residents.



The Center for Local and State Policy plays an active role as part of the national network of experts that comprise the Rural Policy Research Institute. Since 1990, RUPRI examines the challenges facing rural places and the effects of public policy on these areas. Visit the RUPRI website to learn more about this collaboration among scholars and practitioners to better understand and communicate the needs of rural communities.