Intelligent Networked Devices Institute

Mission Statement

The mission of the institute is to promote responsible development of smart objects and their interactions with mankind in the Internet of Things.


About INDi

The Internet caught most people and cultures by surprise through its speed and scope of immersion in our world. Historically, the Internet has been where humans go to engage in activities such as accessing information, entertainment, interacting with each other, or conducting business.

It was a place for human-to-human or human-to-machine interactions. In either case, it was a human engaging in the activities.

The next evolution of the Internet expands the scope beyond humans and into the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is a global movement to embed intelligence and communications into items that are not traditionally considered computing devices. These small, intelligent systems are already being embedded into millions of 'things' around the world.


Goal Statements

1. Committed to discovering and demonstrating the promise of the Internet of Things

2. Serve as a research and learning center to foster creativity into new applications of the Internet of Things.

3. Create partnerships among academia and industry to explore the diverse issues resulting from human and machine interactions


INDi Board Members

 Dr. Ronald Kovac


Dr. David Hua

Dr. Ronald Kovac

Dr. Ron J. Kovac is a professor with the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, which is a master’s degree program that prepares graduate students in the field of information and communication technology.

Dr. Kovac’s previous studies include electrical engineering, photography and education. He is a prolific writer and has numerous publications (three books and over 50 articles), and he has completed numerous international consulting projects in both the educational and information technology field. Additionally, he is very successful with creative grantsmanship. He speaks worldwide on issues related to information technology, network security, and educational technology.

Dr. Kovac is a Fulbright Scholar, holds numerous industry certifications (CCNA, CCAI, and CCNP) and is very active in social responsibility internationally, nationally, and locally.


Dr. David Hua

Dr. Hua is a Professor in the Department of Technology. He received his B.S. in Psychological Science from Ball State University, as well as his MBA (Information Systems) and Ed.D. in Higher Education. His Research Interests include: Resiliency Collective Requirements, Information Technology, Ethics, Organizational Resilience, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Leadership, Networking, and Privacy. Prior to his employment as a professor at Ball State University, Dr. Hua was a microcomputer/ network analyst at Ball State University. 

 Dr. Thomas Harris    Dr Darrell Butler
 Dr. Harris's is a Professor of Computer Information Systems.    Dr. Butler is a Professor of Psychological Science.
 Mr. Vinayak Tanksale    
Mr. Tanksale is an instructor of Computer Science.