INDi recognized as a Ball State University knowledge group

January 2015

  1. Formed by an interdisciplinary group of faculty members from five departments, across four colleges
  2. Created Logo
  3. Created Goals
  4. Trifold brochure for INDi
  5. Trifold brochure for IoT&U Conference
  6. Flyer for IoT&U Conference
  7. Creation of Website


Grant from Cisco Systems

June 2015

  1. Creation of a state-wide conference
  2. Creation of interdisciplinary course


Creation and implementation of Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Spring 2016

  1. Features instructors from 5 different colleges



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Internal Funding from Ball State University

  1. Provost funding for INDi education initiatives
  2. CICS funding for INDi initiatives
  3. Academic Excellence Grant Submission

March 2016

March 2016

September 2015


Creation of INDi Associates program

  1. Four members from four different colleges

March 2016


IoT Equipment Inventory for INDi Associates

March 2016



  1. Brought TechPoint to Ball State and formed partnership for future


 INDi Planned Activities



Creation of IoT Smart Home laboratory

Summer 2017

  1. Devices purchased to upgrade equipment
  2. Used to research and test current IoT consumer market
  3. Research compatibility between IoT manufacturers and devices
  4. Test user experience with new IoT equipment



  1. How do IoT devices interact with each other from the factory
  2. Discovery of security vulnerabilities in consumer IoT equipment