The TEACH Lab is an adaptive computer lab in the Department of Special Education. TEACH is an acronym for Technological Education and Assessment for Children with Handicaps.

The TEACH Lab serves three purposes. The lab:

  • provides adaptive computer experiences for education students in the Department of Special Education
  • provides a resource center for Indiana special educators
  • assists educators in assessing the computing needs of children with special needs

Students enrolled in SPCED 331 and SPCED 631 spend half of each semester working in the lab to learn about computer adaptations for learners with special needs.

Available Computer Equipment
The lab is equipped with 15 Macintosh computers with adjustable tables and contains various computer adaptations—both software and hardware.

Other equipment available includes alternative mouse devices, alternative keyboards, and programmable keyboards.

Software solutions include word prediction software, grammar and spell checkers, dictation software, and on-screen keyboards.

The lab also maintains a collection of instructional software designed for use in special education classrooms.

Lab Open to the Community
The TEACH Lab can serve children from preschool through age 18. Any teacher, therapist, parent, or other caregiver is welcome to visit the lab by appointment. When planning visits for groups of children with special needs, please limit the number of children to ten or less and schedule the visit at least one week in advance.

The TEACH Lab was made possible by charitable contributions from Robert and Beverly Terhune and the Ronald McDonald Children's Charities.

Contact Information
For more information, contact:
Department of Special Education
Teachers College, Room 713
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306