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The Clinical Exercise Physiology Program (CEPP) prepares graduate students for careers as advanced exercise professionals in clinical, research, and wellness settings.  Additionally, the CEPP serves as a great foundation for pursuing additional educational training as a PhD, MD, or Physician Assistant.  
Hallmarks of the CEPP are comprehensive and rigorous coursework, unique practical experiences with apparently healthy and patient populations, and engagement in cutting-edge research.  
The CEPP is a 21-month program beginning in August and extending for 5 academic semesters (Fall - Spring - Summer - Fall - Spring)  culminating with a May graduation.  Graduate assistantships are available for well-qualified students. 


Practical Based Experiential Learning
During the first year in the program, graduate students are engaged primarily with the Adult Physical Fitness Program and in the Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory.  Throughout this process, students will combine targeted coursework with practical experiences to perform comprehensive health and fitness assessments, develop individualized exercise prescriptions, and serve as exercise leaders in guiding members through the APFP.  Also during the first year students have the opportunity to be engaged with on-going research projects.
In the second year of the program, students gain experience with patient populations in outpatient cardiac, pulmonary, and oncology rehabilitation programs at nearby Indiana University Health - Ball Memorial Hospital.  Additionally, students have a supervisory role in the CEP Laboratory assisting with faculty research and mentoring first-year students.  Interested students may also gain further research experience completing a Thesis or Research Project.  Students desiring more clinical experience may complete an additional internship instead of performing a structured research project


Program Learning Objectives 

Students in the CEP program will learn to:  
  • Develop individualized exercise prescriptions for adults with a variety of health risks and chronic diseases
  • Perform comprehensive cardiovascular disease risk assessments
  • Perform and interpret maximal cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • Thoroughly understand the acute physiological responses and chronic adaptations to exercise
  • Use professional scientific statements and clinical guidelines issued by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, the American Heart Association, and the US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Develop research questions, prepare a research proposal, collect and analyze research data, and write a research report
Collegial and Supportive Environment
The CEPP enjoys a strong community of faculty, students, alumni, friends and collaborators around the world that offer support, mentorship, and guidance to provide a comprehensive, unmatched, educational experience that prepares graduates for careers as exercise professionals or further training in research or clinical programs.  
Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact us to learn more about the program.  More information about the program or to apply to the program can be found here: Clinical Exercise Physiology Program.  



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