Jason Ribblett
Jason Ribblett
Assistant Teaching Professor of Chemistry


Room:FB 314

About Me

I began teaching at Ball State in 1999. I came to Ball State because our program focuses on undergraduate education. I wanted to share my love of chemistry with undergraduate students. I focus my efforts on improving my teaching and helping students learn chemistry. I believe technology can help students learn, but when misused, it can become an obstacle to overcome.

My College Experience

I earned my BS from the University of Pittsburgh in 1993. Officially, the degree I earned is Chemistry, Bioscience Option, which would be equivalent to our Biochemistry Major. In my senior year, I began a research project with Dr. David Pratt, where I got to play with lasers! He told me that I should apply to graduate school. I did and six years later earned my PhD in Physical Chemistry, where my research focus was High Resolution Electronic Spectroscopy.

What I have Learned?

Chemistry is a challenging subject because it requires math, physics, logic, and the ability to use symbols to represent matter; it connects the observable world we all live in to the unobservable world of the atom; and it utilizes models to describe matter and how that matter interacts with other matter and energy. To become an expert in chemistry, one must be willing to devote their life to the study of matter.