As a student in the Department of Chemistry, you can expect to join a diverse, enthusiastic, and committed student body always curious about discovery and eager for new challenges. Our department is a great fit for you if your goals include a career in chemistry or biochemistry, a teaching career in chemistry, or plans to pursue graduate or professional school (such as medical or dental).


American Chemical Society (ACS) Concentration

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Ball State’s major in chemistry will earn you American Chemical Society certification, preparing you for an exciting and rewarding career in industrial or government laboratories, or for further study in graduate or professional schools. Learn more.

General Concentration

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

If you want to devote your career to using science to help people and solve problems, then Ball State’s departmental major in chemistry is right for you. This option in our chemistry major is ideal for anyone who wants to meld this field with another area of science. Learn more.

Biochemistry Concentration

Bachelor of Arts of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Did you know that a degree in chemistry can set you on the path to becoming a doctor? If you combine Ball State’s major in chemistry with a biochemistry option with a pre-med major, you’ll have an advantage in medical school preparation. This will also prepare you for a career in biochemistry or chemistry or to pursue graduate school. Learn more.

Forensic Chemistry Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

Forensic science bridges the gap between law enforcement and scientific disciplines, piecing together the clues using advanced scientific techniques. The program leverages strengths across five departments (biology, chemistry, computer science, criminal justice and criminology, and psychological science) in four concentrations, applying scientific principles to crime investigation, civil litigation cases, corporate security, and government regulation enforcement. Learn more.


Chemistry Education Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Ball State has a rich and long tradition of being a teachers’ college. Our teaching major in chemistry will prepare you to meet Indiana state licensing requirements for teaching chemistry in grades 9-12. Learn more.

Chemistry students work with their professor

B/MD Pathway

Interested in pursuing medical school? From your first day, our B/MD Pathway will start you—and keep you—on track to be admitted to the Indiana University School of Medicine's Muncie campus. Learn more.

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Minor in Chemistry

Pick a minor in chemistry from Ball State to complement your major and open doors in a variety of career fields. Learn more.

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Master’s Degree in Chemistry

Master of Arts or Master of Science

Our graduate-level program allows you to take two academic paths—either a master of science or master of arts—to complete your advanced studies of chemistry. Learn more.

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Associate's Degree in Chemical Technology

Associate of Science

This degree will serve as preparation for an entry-level job as a chemical technician in an industrial laboratory. You will take field trips to visit industrial laboratories, and you may apply for the chemical laboratory practicum—actual work in a chemistry laboratory—during your second year of study. Learn more.

Photo of a Ph.D. student

PhD in Environmental Science

Prepare yourself for a successful career in academia, industry, or government—any profession that needs highly qualified professionals trained in science with experience in applying fundamental skills to real environmental problems. Learn more.