Paul Coan

Paul Coan

Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry


Room:FB 305

About Me

I grew up in southeastern Michigan. Three of my grandparents graduated from college, so my family expected me to attend college. Although both my parents were teachers, I didn’t consider teaching as a career. Only when I was in graduate school did I discover that mentoring students was very satisfying.  I started teaching at BSU in 1994.

My College Experience

I started out as a computer science major, but graduated with a BS in Chemistry from Hope College. As an undergraduate, I did two summers of polymer chemistry research at the U. of Detroit. I received my PhD from IU Bloomington in Inorganic Chemistry. Afterwards, I did a Post-Doc at U. South Carolina

What I have Learned

Keep your mind and options open. College should be a time of discovery about yourself, your interests, and your abilities. Changing my major wasn’t a major problem since I had been taking courses all along as a backup. Speaking to groups terrified me through college, but now I make my living doing exactly that.

Degree History

Indiana University Ph.D. (1992)
Indiana University M.S. (1989)
Hope College B.S. (1986)

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
General Chemistry 2 112 21 1100 - 1150 T FB, room 340
General Chemistry 2 112 21 1151 - 1350 T FB, room 358
General Chemistry 2 112 21 1000 - 1050 M W F FB, room 101
General Chemistry 1 111 14 1100 - 1150 R FB, room 340
General Chemistry 1 111 14 1151 - 1350 R FB, room 365
General Chemistry 1 111 14 1300 - 1350 M W F FB, room 340