Jeffrey Pavlik
Jeffrey Pavlik
Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry


Room:FB 322

About Me

I have been teaching chemistry at various levels for 23 years. Starting with a very fulfilling stint at St. Mary’s H.S. in Phoenix, AZ which lead me to a path towards higher degrees myself. Prior to teaching, I spent 5 years working in the water treatment and environmental analytical chemistry industries. These jobs gave me invaluable experience in bench chemistry, instrumentation and business aspects of the field.

My College Experience

My B.S. degree was in chemical engineering from the University of Arizona, however, I already knew my passion was more on the chemistry side, and when I got my sights on teaching, chemistry was the obvious choice. A chance e-mail, seeking summer work in analytical chemistry lead to an M.S. at Missouri State University. This opened my eyes to the world of academic research and an eventual Ph.D. from The University of Notre Dame in bioinorganic chemistry, related to small-molecule signaling, metalloporphyrins and novel spectroscopic methods.

What I have Learned?

My highly varied background exposed me to so many areas of chemistry that as a student I had no idea even existed. For this reason, I have a drive to introduce students to novel and fascinating aspects of the subject that often go untouched until upper division courses or even graduate school. I believe that many more students would be willing to pursue chemistry-related careers if they just knew what’s out there.

Degree History

University of Notre Dame Ph.D. (2011)
Missouri State University M.S. (2004)
University of Arizona B.S. (1993)

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Advanced Topics in C 675 820 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE