The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs handles promotion and tenure questions for faculty.

Ball State has University-wide guidelines on promotion and tenure, and the colleges and departments add additional elements not found in our standard document.

Promotion and tenure for every faculty member are dependent on the particular assignment and are defined by University, college, and departmental documents.

Review our documents for a detailed overview of the policy. We also encourage you to ask your department for more details.

The current University Promotion and Tenure excerpt can be found here.

Additional Resources

"Compendium of Inclusive Tenure & Promotion Policy" (PDF)

“Benchmark Best Practices: Promotion and Tenure” (PDF)
Harvard Graduate School of Education

“Strategies for professors who service the university to earn tenure and promotion” (PDF)
Research in Higher Education Journal

“Resources on Tenure”
American Association of University Professors

"Promotion & Tenure Worksheet"
Promotion and Tenure - Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PTIE)

VPAA Faculty Services and Resources - Important Reports tab

Community Engagement Resources

Many BSU faculty members participate in community engaged projects and research.  The following are helpful resources faculty may use to help advance and document community engaged research in the promotion and tenure process.

Foundational Scholarship Worksheet (PDF)

Journal Section Comparison Table for Interdisciplinary CES Journals (PDF)

Annotated List Interdisciplinary CES Journals (PDF)

Scholarly Products for Academic Public Audiences Worksheet (PDF)