Navigate for Faculty

Welcome back to the fall semester!  This summer, we have been working hard to prepare for faculty, students, and staff to fully utilize EAB Navigate, Ball State’s new student success management system.  As the fall kicks off, we are inviting all faculty to use Navigate to help strengthen our coordinated efforts to support students.  Through early alerts and progress reports triggered by faculty, advisors and other student success staff, we will be able to intervene and support students earlier. This will help them achieve successful academic outcomes.

The Navigate implementation team has developed a series of helpful resources for faculty and staff to learn more about EAB Navigate.  These resources include:

·      A Canvas site with videos and resources;

·      A series of training opportunities; and,

·      Tools that outline our early alert and progress reporting schedule.

Please see the Progress Report Completion Guide which outlines the way you can provide student feedback through our early alert and mid-term progress reporting campaigns.  We also encourage you to attend one of our upcoming Group Training and Discussion sessions, where Dr. Kristen McCauliff and Dr. Jason Rivera will review information about the platform, discuss what Navigate will do to help strengthen our student success efforts, and answer any questions you might have about the platform.You can RSVP for either of the sessions, which are being hosted via Zoom, by clicking here.

Training Opportunities 

Additional EAB Navigate Resources


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