Our office administers the orientation for new faculty each fall and maintains the Professional Development Opportunities Brochure (PDF). This document contains information on supporting funds for various areas; learning opportunities; classroom, computer, and technology support; grants; leaves and administrative opportunities and exchanges.

It is our responsibility to keep records on Student Ethics violations and set up the academic integrity hearings.  It is also our responsibility to walk the student through the grade appeal process, set up grade appeal screening, and conducts grade appeal hearings.

The Vice Provost is appointed as the Provost designee for the University Promotion and Tenure Committee, and as such, attends committee meetings and acts in an advisory position.

We are the central location for colleges and departments to submit their promotion and tenure documents. We distribute the documents for the University P & T Committee to review and approve. Once a document has been approved, we file an electronic copy of the document on this website. This link provides a quick and convenient location to retrieve current documents.

It is also the pleasure of this office to appoint the committee for the Outstanding Faculty Awards, and to supervise their requirements. It is always nice to be able to recognize our outstanding faculty.