Most recreation areas are available to outside groups on a rental basis. Indoor gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, swimming pools, outdoor recreation fields, and two picnic shelters are just a few potential areas. 

Availability and Fees

To find out whether a facility is available and what the rental fees are, contact Autumn Duncan.

Booking a Request

Please allow for five to seven business days for us to process your request. You will receive an email confirmation indicating if your space was approved, denied, approved with alterations to your request, or if you need to have a meeting with us to confirm your space.

Multiple Requests

If you would like to request multiple spaces or a single space multiple times, please indicate this on the given locations in the form. If your event requires more than just the space, we may request to meet with you before confirming space.

Advanced Requests and Scheduling

You can make a request as far in advance as you would like, and we will process the request in the order in which we received it. We will not process your request until we have all priority scheduling completed because changes may occur over time.

Make a separate request for each semester. If you do not, only the upcoming portion will be processed and you will be asked to re-submit for the future semester.

Additional Needs

Depending on the needs of your event, you will need to contact other departments outside of Sports Facilities. Please set up a meeting with the special events manager or graduate assistant to discuss your additional event needs so we can direct you to the right resources.

Depending on the nature of your event, we may modify the timing of your event or you may be subject to fees to staff beyond building hours.

Staff and Equipment

Please contact the coordinator of fitness and wellness programs to secure your staff.

Do you need additional sports equipment for your event? Equipment Room Services has a variety of sports equipment that may be available for checkout. The organization or individual requester will be responsible for any lost or damaged items.

This is only a request. All requests are subject to availability.

Request Equipment