Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed
Professor of Mathematical Sciences


Room:RB 437

Ph.D. in mathematics from Temple University, Philadelphia, 1995 

Research Interests:

Nonlinear Elliptic PDE

Harmonic Analysis

Personal Website

Recent Publications:

  • Ahmed Mohammed, Giovanni Porru, On Monge-Amp\`ere equations with nonlinear gradient terms – Infinite boundary value problems,  J. Differential Equations, 300(5) (2021) 426-457
  • Benyam Mebrate, Ahmed Mohammed, Harnack inequality and an asymptotic mean-value property for the Finsler infinity-Laplacian,  Adv. Calc. Var. 14 (2021), no. 3, 365–382.
  • Tilak Bhattacharya, Ahmed Mohammed, On a strong maximum principle for fully nonlinear subelliptic equations with H\"{o}rmander condition,  Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations, 60 (2021), no. 1, Paper No. 9, 20 pp.
  • Tilak Bhattacharya, Ahmed Mohammed, Maximum principles for k-Hessian equations with lower order terms on unbounded domains,   J. Geom. Anal.  31 (2021), no. 4, 3820–3862
  • Ahmed Mohammed,  Vicentiu Radulescu and Antonio Vitolo, Blow-up solutions for fully nonlinear equations: Existence, Asymptotic Estimates, and Uniqueness. Adv. Nonlinear Anal. 9 (2020), no. 1, 39--64.
  • Ahmed Mohammed, Antonio Vitolo, Large solutions of fully nonlinear equations: existence and uniqueness,  Nonlinear Differential Equations Appl. 26 (2019), no. 6, Paper No. 42, 29 pp.
  • Ahmed Mohammed, Giovanni Porru and Antonio Vitolo, Harnack inequality for nonlinear elliptic equations with strong absorption, J. Differential Equations,  263 (2017) 6821–6843.