Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.  - Albert Einstein

Careers with a Math Degree

There are a multitude of careers for which mathematics majors are well suited. According to the "Wall Street Journal," mathematician is considered the “Best Job of All Jobs;” followed closely by actuary (second) and statistician (third).

Stress Less

Five of the six “Best Jobs” in terms of low stress, high compensation, autonomy, and hiring demand in the “Jobs Related Almanac” are math related. (source: WeUseMath.org)

Career paths include:

  • cyber security
  • operations research
  • financial analysis
  • actuarial science
  • cryptography
  • data mining
  • engineering
  • computer graphics
  • industrial modeling
  • mathematics research (academic)

Why Do Employers Like Math Majors?

Math majors have the following attributes that employers love:

  • problem-solving skills
  • ability to think abstractly
  • attention to detail
  • ability to think about problems in a different way

Professional Graduate Schools Like Math Majors, Too

As a math major, you'll be well prepared for graduate study if you think that's in your future. As the table below shows, the average (mean) test scores of students majoring in math are much higher than those in other programs, giving you a competitive edge when applying to a master's or doctoral program.

Source: "The Chronicle of Higher Education"

Test performance on graduate school entrance exams by major
Mathematics +12.8% +13.3%
Philosophy +8.7% +11.0%
Economics +9.6% +7.3%
Chemistry +7.6% +7.5%
English +5.6% +4.1%
Foreign Languages +5.7% +3.3%
History +2.9% +4.6%
Biology +4.0% +3.3%
Psychology +0.9% +0.8%
Political Science -1.6% +.06%
Arts & Music -0.5% -1.2%
Business -4.5% -0.8%
Sociology -7.0% -5.0%
Education -8.7% -4.2%