Jose Contreras

Jose Contreras

Professor of Mathematical Sciences



Room:RB 423


Ph. D in Mathematics Education from The Ohio State University, 1997

Research interests:

Realistic mathematics education, problem posing, mathematical proof, teachers' content and pedagogical content knowledge for teaching and conceptions about mathematics,  use of curriculum materials in teaching and learning mathematics.

José is also interested in the use of mathematical applications, modeling, history of mathematics, technology, and aesthetic aspects of mathematics in teaching and teacher education.

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Data Geo Meas Elem T 202 10 1700 - 1750 M W F RB, room 125
Data Geo Meas Elem T 202 11 1500 - 1550 M W F RB, room 125
Geometry Elem Mid Sc 360 12 1600 - 1650 M W F RB, room 125