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Applied Linguistics Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in English

Gain a deeper understanding of language (English and languages around the world) with a major in Applied Linguistics, where you will explore the scientific study of language and how it is applied to solve real-world problems. Learn more.

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Creative Writing Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in English

Hone your writing clarity, structure, and expression. Deepen your context and experience. That’s what a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Ball State offers. Learn more.

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English Studies Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in English

Ball State’s major in English studies offers diverse gateways into the study of language through courses in literature, linguistics, creative writing, rhetoric, and writing—all preparing you for a wide range of career opportunities. Learn more.

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Literature Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in English

Gain a new perspective on your favorite authors and discover new ones with Ball State’s major in literature—one of the most innovative degree paths on campus. Learn more.

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Professional Writing Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in English

Choose a major in professional writing, and you’ll become immersed in the theory and practice of discourse, with an emphasis on written forms. You’ll graduate well prepared to immediately jump into a career or pursue graduate-level studies. Learn more.

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Teaching Major English/Language Arts

Bachelor of Arts oR Bachelor of Science

Are you interested in becoming not just a teacher, but an English teacher? Ball State’s major in teaching English language arts will prepare you for a career in secondary school teaching. Learn more.

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African American Studies

Gain a better understanding of our nation as a whole and black people’s contributions to it by exploring how race, power, and resistance have shaped American society. Learn more.

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Creative Writing

Our creative writing minor is designed to contribute to your liberal arts and professional education by fostering creative thinking and effective writing. Learn more.

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Film and Screenwriting

The minor in film and screenwriting delivers a foundation in film theory/analysis while also enabling you to learn the ins and outs of compelling storytelling for the screen. Learn more.

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Linguistics and Global Communication

Ball State’s minor in linguistics and global communication introduces you to the scientific study of human language, its structure, its diversity, and its communicative properties. Learn more.

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This minor builds a foundation in language and literary studies that you will use again and again throughout your career and life. Learn more.

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Professional Writing

Ball State’s minor in professional writing prepares you in the genres, styles, and communication practices essential for the contemporary, digital workplace. Learn more.

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The minor in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) offers the skills and knowledge necessary for teaching English to non-native speakers of English both domestically and internationally. Learn more.

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English Studies Concentration

Master of Arts in English

The master of arts in English studies is designed for students eager to explore English studies at the graduate level. The degree is designed to serve students wishing to prepare for doctoral work, satisfy requirements for a teaching license, or take a terminal master’s degree. Learn more.

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Rhetoric and Composition Concentration

Master of Arts in English

The MA in rhetoric and composition offers a broad understanding of rhetorical and writing studies, preparing you to pursue a PhD or move directly into a professional career field. Learn more.

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Creative Writing Concentration

Master of Arts in English

Whether your long-term plans involve the pursuit of an MFA, a PhD, or a career in professional writing or editing, Ball State’s master of arts in creative writing is designed to prepare you for the next step in your writing life. Learn more.

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Literature Concentration

Master of Arts in English

Pick an MA in literature for a focused degree program that includes training in research methods and literary theory, culminates in a research project or thesis, and prepares you for doctoral work in the field. Learn more.

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Master's Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Linguistics

Master of Arts

This degree program combines the best of TESOL (teaching of English to speakers of other languages) and linguistics, allowing students to consider language development at its most basic and complex levels. Learn more.

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Literature Concentration

PhD in English

Ball State’s doctoral program in English with a concentration in literature prepares you to become a mature scholar/teacher or accept professional-level positions in business, industry, or allied fields. Learn more.

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Rhetoric and Composition Concentration

PhD in English

Students in Ball State’s PhD in rhetoric and composition gain a broad understanding of rhetorical and writing studies: histories, pedagogies, research strategies, technologies, and administration. Learn more.

English as a New Language Add-on License

Meet and advocate for the needs of students learning the English language in your classroom or school. This 15-credit program and an exam will qualify you for a K-12 English as a New Language license. Learn more.

Teaching Writing Certificate

Immerse yourself in writing theory and join a community of fellow teachers of writing with this 15-credit certificate program. Learn more.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate

One of the few certificates of its type in the country, this all-online program will prepare you to teach English in an outreach or community program, a weekend program, or overseas. This program is ideal if your career plans to require a full teaching license. Learn more.