A student giving a presentation.

Student Organizations

We make it easy for you to find your tribe and your community outside the classroom. Our organizations will help you build relationships, increase your confidence, and develop your leadership and time-management skills. Learn more.

Two students working together.

Immersive Learning

We offer many active-learning classes that make a difference in the community and show you how to apply your English skills in real-world settings. Learn more.

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Internships and Professional Opportunities

An education that never leaves the classroom is an incomplete one. Experience broadens and deepens what you learn—and can even change your perspective. We’re committed to helping you take the next step in your life. Learn more.

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There’s almost always something going on in the English department. We host a wide array of guest speakers, visiting writers and editors, and alumni who return to share their career journeys. Learn more.

A professor working with a group of students.

Virginia Ball Center

The Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry provides distinctive, rigorous, and transformative immersive learning experiences for Ball State students. Each year, four faculty members are chosen to lead teams of 15 students in interdisciplinary, immersive seminars. Learn more.

Student sitting on a rock and smiling.

Study Abroad

We highly encourage our students to study abroad, and we work hard to make sure that you can do so and still graduate on time. Study-abroad programs allow you to explore intercultural issues outside the classroom and around the world. Learn more.