Undrgraduate student teacher in lesson practice teaching English to some kids

Interested in a career in teaching English abroad? Want to work with linguistically and culturally diverse people? The certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) offers the skills and knowledge necessary for teaching English to non-native speakers of English both domestically and internationally.

If you are an education major, completing the certificate will also qualify you to take the licensing exam to add a P-12 ENL license. You will be better prepared to meet language standards set for all learners and bring additional skills to the market that others may not have. Advocate for the needs of English language learners in your classroom and school!

What You Will Learn

Knowledge you will gain through the certificate includes:

  • Linguistic, psychological, and sociocultural factors in learning/teaching English as a second/foreign language
  • Second language teaching methods
  • How to plan a lesson and create teaching materials
  • How to assess student learning

Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 15

A certificate in TESOL emphasizes the understanding of the fundamentals of linguistic sciences, the theory and research of TESOL, and methods and materials in TESOL.

  • ENG 334 Linguistics for Educators* (3 credit hours) 
  • ENG 436 Language Learning Theories and Research (3 credit hours)
  • ENG 437 Methods in TESOL (3 credit hours)
  • ENG 438 Assessment in TESOL (3 credit hours)
  • ENG 457 Professionalism and Social Justice in TESOL (3 credit hours)

*Not open to English (Applied Linguistics Concentration) majors. Contact the department for course options.

Four semesters or the equivalent in one or more modern or classical languages other than one’s native language are recommended.

For course descriptions, please see the Course Catalog.


How to Enroll

Students interested in the certificate in TESOL should complete a "change of major or minor" form. This form is available in the Academic Advising Center (AC 224).