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The Honors College offers a pathway to the African American Studies minor. Any course offered in African American Studies (AFAM) counts toward your Honors diploma. Honors courses marked with an "A" also have a course equivalence in African American Studies.

Through our minor in African-American Studies, you’ll gain a better understanding of our nation as a whole and African-Americans’ contribution to it.

You’ll explore how race, power, and resistance have shaped American society more broadly. You’ll also gain a meaningful and informed sense of events like Ferguson and Charlottesville, which swirl around our national consciousness and shape our politics and culture every day. In that sense, being an African-American Studies minor can make you a more informed citizen. 

What You Will Learn

At its roots, African-American Studies instills students with:

  • critical thinking skills
  • intellectual dexterity
  • cultural competencies that will be valuable later in life
  • historical and modern contributions of African Americans to American life, culture, and politics
Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Total Credits




All students in this minor must take the following courses.

  • AFAM 100 Introduction to African American Studies (University Core Curriculum)
  • AFAM 200 African American Studies Theory and Methods
  • AFAM 400 African American Studies Capstone


You will take a total of six credits in classes from the following subjects:

  • African American Studies
    •  NEW: AFAM 150 Understanding Race, Antiracism, and Intersectionality (University Core Curriculum)
  • Architecture
  • Communication Studies
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • English
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychological Science
  • Sociology
  • Media

For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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Program Faculty

African American Studies Teaching Affiliates

African American Studies Affiliates

Students in the African American minor have many opportunities to get involved and make a difference on campus. 

The Student Antiracism and Intersectionality Advisory Council (SAIAC)

The SAIAC is a faculty-mentored student organization developed to amplify diverse voices on campus. Students in the SAIAC drive awareness and influence our campus by developing resources, creating course material, and seeking programming that promotes Ball State's commitment to inclusive excellence. Read about the SAIAC and our resources on our webpage. 

Antiracism LibGuide

Developed in collaboration between faculty and students, this LibGuide aims to provide resources for educators, students, and community members seeking greater understanding of racism and intersectional forms of oppression. In addition, the various toolkits and resources herein encourage you to become active and intentional in the struggle to both combat discrimination and empower those on the margins.


If you want to learn more about this minor, contact the Director:

Enroll in this Minor

To enroll in this minor, please contact our program advisor, Tareq Robin.

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