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Ball State’s minor in linguistics and global communication introduces you to the scientific study of human language, its structure, its diversity, and its communicative properties.

By analyzing linguistic structure and identifying patterns of language use from around the world, you develop an understanding of how languages change, how they are used by communities, and how they are acquired.

Linguistics offers an understanding of how languages are structured and how languages are used in communicative and interactional contexts.

What You Will Learn

Learning outcomes include:

  • understanding languages as an organized, interrelated system with multiple subsystems
  • applying linguistic methodologies to analyze language (English and other languages)
  • recognizing and interpreting differences across speech communities in language use

Minor Requirements

Total credits: 15

The Linguistics and Global Communication minor has two concentrations. The Linguistics concentration focuses more on theoretical aspects and the Global Communication concentration focuses more on application of theories to communication involving non-native users of English with diverse cultural backgrounds.

The core courses are:

  • ENG 220 Language and Society
  • ENG 320 Introduction to Linguistic Sciences

The additional requirements for the Concentrations are:

  • ENG 321 English Linguistics (for the linguistics concentration)
  • ENG 322 Language and Cross-Cultural Communication (for the global communication concentration)

For a complete list of all classes you may take and their descriptions, please see the Course Catalog.
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How to Enroll

Students interested in the minor in professional writing and emerging media should complete a "change of major or minor" form. This form is available in the Upper Division Advising Center (AC 224).