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Working Well provides ongoing programs to support your wellness goals throughout the year.

Focus on Gratitude

During the month of November, we invite you to be intentional about giving thanks for yourself, your colleagues, and your community.  In doing so, you will not only boost your own wellbeing but help boost the wellbeing of those around you. 

In the book, How Full is Your Bucket?, authors Rath and Clifton, present the idea that each of us has an invisible bucket.  When our bucket is full, we feel strong, positive, and optimistic.   There are things that can empty our buckets such as negativity and stress.     When we express our gratitude and recognize a colleague, we not only fill their bucket, we fill our own bucket, too. 

Starting November 2, Working Well is focusing on gratitude and invites you to keep buckets full.

To participate as a department

Working Well will provide paper “buckets” and “drops” to faculty and staff who would like to participate.    This activity works great even for departments who are rotating staff and not in the office at the same time.  To register your department, we will need one contact person and the number of people participating.  Email to register your department.  Be sure to include the number of people participating in your department. 

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Each person will receive a paper “bucket” and 18 “drops”. 
  2. Choose a location to post/hang your bucket.  Use each of your “drops” to share a message of gratitude with your coworkers.
  3. Goal is to use all of your “drops” by the end of the challenge sharing a message of gratitude (for anything) on each drop.  Ideally, you will use at least one “drop” each workday. 
  4. Take a picture of your buckets full of drops and share with us at

To participate as an individual (or for a virtual option)

You will be encouraged to use the Lifeworks Recognition feature to share your gratitude for a colleague.   It will be considered a virtual drop!  To learn more about Lifeworks Recognition feature and to participate as an individual

Here's how it will work:

  1. Select the colleague (or colleagues) you want to recognize directly from the News Feed by name, or by choosing them from the Colleague Directory.
  2. Pick the best badge for your recognition and add your message.
  3. Want to be a bit creative? Select “Add image” and go GIF-crazy!
  4. Hit “Post” and see the recognition celebrated on the News Feed.

Tip: You can see all the recognition you have received when you go on your Profile.


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