Jenni Flanagan and a client sit to discuss nutrition

Working Well provides ongoing programs to support your wellness goals throughout the year.

Wellbeing Resources

Throughout the year we offer a variety of employee wellness challenges encouraging you to be the best you! Learn more.

Incentive Programs

We offer two employee health incentive programs at Ball State: BeWell, and LiveWell. BeWell will give you a $50 reimbursement for undergoing an annual physical. LiveWell lets you earn points toward vouchers you can use on recreational activities on campus. Learn more.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) provides services and resources to help anyone at risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, or people who want to reduce their Body Mass Index. Learn more.

Meet with a Dietitian

Schedule a session with our Nutrition Assessment Lab and help yourself make healthier food choices unique to your own needs. Learn about weight loss, heart healthy eating, vegetarian or vegan diets, and more. Learn more.

Biometric Screenings

Screenings—free to benefits-eligible employees—include height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood lipid screening (cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and TG). Learn more.

Tobacco Cessation

Are you thinking about quitting smoking? We offer insurance discounts for employees and retirees under 65 who certify they are tobacco free? If you need help to get there, we offer resources. Learn more.

Health Coaching

Set goals and stick with them with help from an expert! Our health coaching program will help you assess and understand your health and create a plan that fits your lifestyle. Learn more.