Ball State’s dental plans are administered by Delta Dental of Indiana and designed to promote regular dental visits and good oral health, key parts of your overall wellness.

The plans cover diagnostic and preventive services (cleanings, exams, fluoride up to age 19) at 100 percent for two visits per year. Other services (basic and major) are paid at various percentages, depending on the network your provider is in.

The orthodontia benefit covers 70% of submitted charges after the deductible for members up to age 19, up to a maximum benefit of $500 per year.  For members over the age of 19, the orthodontia benefit covers 50% of covered charges after the deductible. 

The plan lifetime maximum for orthodontia benefits is $500 per member per benefit year up to age 19.  The plan lifetime maximum for those over the age of 19 is a $500 lifetime maximum benefit regardless of how long their treatment is.  The lifetime maximum is the maximum benefit any member can receive from the plan during their lifetime.

Typically, a schedule for braces would be 18 months to 2 years.  Some could be less and some could be longer depending on their needs.  Depending on how the treatment schedule falls, a member under age 19 could get 2+ years of benefits.  Most get around a $1,200 lifetime benefit amount with the 70% on partial years.  After a review, the plan would not approve more than three total years or $1,500.

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Search for network dentists, gain online access to your claims, print ID cards, and more by visiting Delta Dental's website specifically tailored for Ball State. 

To create a login with Delta Dental and access your benefit information go to: Delta Dental

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