I Knew I was a Cardinal when…

…I was having a discussion with a faculty member during my first campus visit

A discussion with a faculty member in the College of Communication, Information, and Media about Ball State’s immersive learning approach helped Adam Van Dam choose Ball State over other schools.

I said I wanted to go into video. I remember her saying, ‘Do you want to have a camera in your hands within the first year? Ball State is going to offer you that.’ It ended up being true. That’s what sold me.

Originally from Noblesville, Indiana, Van Dam will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications in Spring 2020.

He hopes to pursue a career in digital marketing and video production for a college or university.

Adam Van Dam with Camera

At Ball State, Van Dam worked two summers as a video coordinator for the Office of Orientation. He is also a communications intern for Ball State’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, has served as co-director of marketing and communications for the annual Dance Marathon, and has held leadership and service positions in Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Adam Van Dam greek life

In his final semester, Van Dam’s image appeared on a banner at the L.A. Pittenger Student Center. It featured him and three other students with the university tagline, “We Fly.”


“‘We Fly’ represents the fact that, in coming to Ball State, you will be given the wings to go do your thing,” Van Dam said. “I believe in that. With my time here and all my experiences, I found my passion in media and higher ed.”

Adam Van Dam

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Ready to Take Flight?

You know you’re a Ball State Cardinal when you first hear the chirp, when you look to “Frog Baby” for luck, and “Beneficence” for guidance. You’re a Ball State Cardinal when you chase your dreams, present your case, and win. When the University you call home is small enough to be a community but big enough to change the world. You know you’re a Ball State Cardinal when you’re one of us. We are Ball State University. We Fly.

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