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High-definition digital cameras, digital audio recording gear, and kit lighting are just a few of the items you’ll work with in our professional-caliber studios. Learn more.

In today’s content-saturated communications environment, storytelling that stands out is more important than ever. The big question—how do you do it and do it well? A bachelor’s degree from Ball State is the answer.

Through our challenging and rewarding course of study, you’ll learn how to use video, audio, and emerging digital media to develop, design, write, and create stories for a wide range of audiences. You’ll have access to dozens of opportunities to participate in real-world, resume-building projects and student organizations to make you more attractive to potential employers.

All this takes place in a highly competitive yet supportive environment of faculty and students who are passionate about teaching, working, exploring, and creating right alongside you.


Ball State is helping me to pursue my dreams by providing a portfolio of work that I am incredibly proud of. It will look extremely good to potential clients or employers.

—Jacob Cannon
Production Major

Achieving Academic Excellence

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a pioneer. In 2009, he launched and has since led the nation’s first digital sports production academic major. Learn more about his work.

Chris Flook
Chris Flook

Chris Flook is a filmmaker who teaches students to use modern storytelling techniques to depict historical events. Learn more about his work.


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Through our production course of study, you’ll examine the theory behind digital technology, master the art of content creation for traditional and emerging media, and learn how to create interactive products for the 21st century. You can choose one of four concentrations to develop a specialization.

Production Concentrations

Nothing communicates quite like an amazing video. The rise of digital platforms and the ever-expanding need for fresh visual content has created stiff demand for creative, visual storytellers. A concentration in digital video production will equip you for a fun, challenging career creating and distributing video content for mobile media, tablets, podcasts, websites, television, radio, film, and more.

Visit the Ball State course catalog to learn more about the digital video production curriculum.

Whether it’s online, over the air, or in a movie theater, amazing audio remains more crucial than ever. A concentration in digital audio production will lay the foundation for your career in creating and distributing audio content for mobile media, tablets, podcasts, websites, television, radio, film, and more.

Visit the Ball State course catalog to learn more about the digital video audio curriculum.


Want to be a Sports Link student? Apply for the Sports Link concentration immediately after being accepted to Ball State University. Esports does not require an additional application.

Combine your passion for digital media creativity with your love for sports. A concentration in Sports Production - Sports Link empowers you to use innovative technology to create sports content for distribution across multiple platforms. You’ll receive special instruction in live-event production and storytelling for leading national sports networks and platforms. Learn more.

A concentration in Sports Production - Esports prepares students to enter the live event and production side of the esports industry. Through hands-on instruction, students learn to produce and deliver live, multi-player gaming competitions across multiple platforms to an audience eager for more content. Learn more about esports at Ball State.

Visit the Ball State course catalog to learn more about the sports production and esports curriculum.

Be on the cusp of the latest technological advances in the world of media. Pick a concentration in emerging media production and learn skills and applications in the newest video and audio approaches across multiple platforms, including mobile media, tablets, podcasts, websites, television, radio, film, and more.

Visit the Ball State course catalog to learn more about the emerging media production curriculum.

Student in Unified Media StudioAs a news student, you’ll develop a compelling portfolio to impress prospective employers. And you’ll join graduates who’ve gone on to work at places like CNN, The Associated Press, Voice of America, Chicago Tribune, and other prominent newspapers and television stations across the country.

Visit the Ball State course catalog to learn more about the news curriculum.
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Ideal for students who enjoy media, but aren't interested in being part of the production process. As a media promotion and management student you'll take courses in the theory and practice of managing media and promoting content. As part of these courses, you'll build your resume through immersive projects with real businesses and organizations in the community. You’ll also master the skills necessary to work in client-facing roles at media companies. 

Visit the Ball State course catalog to learn more about the media promotion and management curriculum.
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The relationship between film and society has always been complex, and the digital revolution has made that relationship even more compelling. A challenging blend of scholarly study and hands-on learning, our concentration in film and media studies takes you through an in-depth examination of film, television, and other forms of media that people experience every day. This concentration is an excellent precursor to graduate studies or a career in media law.

Visit the Ball State course catalog to learn more about the film and media studies curriculum.

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