I Knew I was a Cardinal when…

…when I attended Admitted Student Day

When Sophia Lyons arrived on campus for Admitted Student Day, she was just that – admitted.

She was not yet committed. She was still considering other schools.

But that changed as soon as she met a few professors from the Department of English, including Paul Ranieri and Magumi Hamada.

The professors seemed passionate about their relationships with students, about having an individual approach. You could tell that they were invested in your success.

Lyons came to Ball State from Floyds Knobs, Indiana, not far from Louisville, Ky. She will graduate in Spring 2020, having majored in English with a concentration in rhetoric. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations, writing, and content strategy.

Sophia Lyons reading in a hammock

She already has experience in those fields as a contributor to the English Department’s blog and other marketing efforts.

Inspired by her professors, Lyons is also invested in the success of others on campus. She is paying their kindness forward as an academic mentor for the Humanities Living Learning Community (LLC) in Studebaker East residence hall.

Living Learning Communities offer a supportive environment for students in similar degree programs.

Students in the Humanities LLC represent music, history, philosophy, religious studies, and modern languages.

Lyons developed a resource room for her residents and has organized two field trips to Chicago to visit museums.

Four years after that Admitted Student Day visit, Lyons said her initial hunch about Ball State was correct.

“I am so happy with my experience,” she said. “I got everything I needed and a little bit more.”

Sophia Lyons

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