I Knew I was a Cardinal…

…as soon as I Walked into the Audition Room

Immanuel Simon will graduate in May 2020 after majoring in theatre with an option in acting.

From there, he’ll go on to two prestigious summer acting workshops in Ireland and California, opportunities he earned by winning monologue performances at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival this past winter.

 Immanuel Simon performing

He’s got acting chops. But don’t let that fool you. His ambitions are even bigger.

He said he is interested in the entire entertainment industry and hopes to pursue a career that involves acting, writing, and even hosting a talk show.

I hope to leave an artistic legacy. I feel like I can do it. Ball State has given me the confidence that I am talented enough.

Originally from Louisiana, Simon graduated high school from New Orleans Center for Creative Arts in 2013.

At Ball State, he has performed in several campus productions and has served as vice president of the Ethnic Theatre Alliance.

Immanuel Simon poses with other students

Simon auditioned for a lot of colleges and universities. He said he chose Ball State because it was the only one to have a black woman in the audition room, Dee Dee Batteast, instructor of theatre.

Since that moment, he said, Batteast is among the many faculty at Ball State who have inspired Immanuel to chase his dreams.

Immanuel Simon

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