I Knew I was a Cardinal when…

…I first learned about Ball State’s work in the community surrounding campus

Ellie Arrington committed herself to hard work and service long before she was a Cardinal.

At Yorktown High School, she helped organize the annual Dance Marathon fundraiser for Riley Hospital for Children. She served on student council, and was the head of the student cheering section at athletic events.

I stay busy. I like to be a part of something that’s bigger than myself. You can do that at Ball State. It’s not too big, but there are so many opportunities to become involved on campus.

 A communication studies major, Arrington said she chose Ball State in part because she identified with many of the University’s enduring values: excellence, innovation, courage, integrity, inclusiveness, social responsibility, and gratitude.

Ellie Arrington with Chi Omega member

Since arriving at Ball State, she joined the Chi Omega sorority, served on the 2019 Dance Marathon morale committee, and works for the football team as a student assistant for recruiting and operations.

Ellie Arrington by football facility

During the week, she maintains databases, leads campus tours for recruits, and helps the team stay up to date with NCAA compliance paperwork. On the weekend, she doesn’t get to tailgate with her friends, but she doesn’t miss it. 

“I’m on the field,” she said. “I love it.”

Ellie Arrington

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