Every decade, Indianapolis embarks on an update to its long range plan for downtown. Recognized as a national leader in downtown revitalization, Indianapolis uses a unique public participation approach to involve hundreds of residents in the planning process.

While Ball State's R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) has been involved in past regional center plans, the establishment of a formal Indianapolis Center has enabled the college to put its award-winning expertise in community involvement and planning to work as the "facilitator" for the Regional Center Plan 2020. CAP:IC shared a facility, staff, and equipment with the regional center plan.

Activities included:

  • managing a storefront office including public displays and general facility remodeling and maintenance 
  • public assistance and interaction 
  • conducting three, five-day urban design workshops 
  • assisting in the development of a two-year planning process including committee structure and membership, public forums and events, and a youth workshop 
  • developing an extensive and comprehensive Web site that received a 2004 Digital Education Achievement Award from the Center for Digital Education for the marrying of university resources with a community need 
  • managing committee membership database and communications 
  • graphic design support including logo development, merchandise development, and publication development

Learn more about the Indianapolis Regional Center Plan 2020 or view the results of the three urban design workshops facilitated by CAP:IC—South, East and Northwest.