At Working Well, we want Ball State faculty and staff to work in an environment that promotes and enhances a culture of health and wellness. Established in 2007, Working Well provides employees with tools to empower them to proactively manage their health. We offer a variety of programs and incentives to identify and act on existing health conditions or maintain an active healthy lifestyle. Providing a culture of health and well-being contributes to employees thriving in their jobs and in the classroom, along with our community. We focus on collaborative partnerships to help employees and their families achieve their health goals.  

Our Vision

Working together, we at Ball State University will create a campus culture that encourages employees, retirees, and their families to lead healthy lifestyles while optimizing health care resources.

Achieve Well award logo

Ball State has received the American Heart Association's Gold Achievement Award and the Achieve Well Award from the state of Indiana.  


Ball State University follows all policies set forth by governing bodies.