Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is responsible for the tracking of and reporting out externally funded activity, including proposals submitted, awards granted, expenditures, and audit reporting for the University. 
Monthly Reports

A monthly report is compiled for the previous month's sponsored projects activity. The report provides a summary spreadsheet, including monthly and year to date collegiate totals, breakdowns of awards and proposals by sponsor and activity types, and a university-wide 5-year comparison.


Proposal & Award Activity Summaries

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA), in partnership with the Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support, has created Argos summary reports that give a weekly update of external and internal sponsored projects activity. Each Friday morning an export of Cayuse data is loaded in for Finance users to access. If you are an Argos Finance user, you may access these summary reports via the Argos Web Viewer or Developer at myBSU.

If you have questions about these reports or have a special report request, please contact Whitney Jarnigan, eRA Systems Coordinator.

Expenditures Summary Report

Similar to the Proposal & Award Activity Summaries, SPA also has a report available detailing sponsored project expenditures during a given Fiscal Year. This report is available as either a PDF summary or a .csv file, allowing you to manipulate the data for custom reporting. If you are an Argos Finance user, you may access this report via the Argos Web viewer at myBSU.

If you have questions about the expenditures report, please contact Brittnie Sell, Assistant Director of Post Award, Compliance, and Operations.