Administration of Sponsored Projects
Definition of a "sponsored project", procedures to process external funding, and explanations of sponsors and activity types.

Centers and Institutes at Ball State
Defines centers and institutes at BSU and outlines procedures to establish both.

Contingency Fund Codes (CFCs)
Establishing a CFC enables work on an award to begin without delays due to negotiations and reduces need for future cost transfers.

Cost Sharing
Addresses the University’s share of costs in conducting a grant or contract that is not supported by the sponsor.

Cost Transfers
Policy on moving expenses from a sponsored project to a department and vice versa.

Effort Certification
Ball State University requires effort certification on all sponsored projects to which salary is charged.

External Proposal Submission Policy
Outlines required procedures and timelines for developing a proposal with SPA in preparation to submit to an external sponsor. 

Indirect Cost Recovery and Distribution
Policy on indirect costs recovery and distribution for sponsored projects.

Intellectual Property
Addresses the ownership, distribution, and commercial development of technology developed by Ball State University faculty, staff, and students.

Personnel Definitions
This document is intended to clarify the roles of the Principal Investigator (PI), Co-Investigator(s) (co-PI), and Key Personnel.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities

This policy is intended to ensure that Ball State resources are used properly in purchasing activities and that purchasing activities meet regulatory requirements.

Records Retention
Addresses maintenance of necessary documents to ensure records that are no longer needed are removed and/or destroyed.

Research Incentive Account (RIA)
This policy outlines appropriate use of the research incentive accounts and their funds.

Residual Funds
In some cases, the project might have residual funds remaining after all project deliverables have been met. This policy addresses how BSU treats those remaining funds.

Service Contracts—Including Indirect Costs (Recovery and Distribution) and Fiscal Administration
This policy outlines the appropriate rates for indirect costs on service contracts, recovery and distribution of indirect costs on service contracts, and provisions for service contracts to be fiscally administered by Units.

Supplemental Assigned Time
Time buyout procedures for faculty members or for professional personnel. 

Supplemental Compensation Earned on Sponsored Projects
Policy to provide uniform and consistent standards regarding supplemental compensation for Ball State University faculty and professional personnel.


Additional policies that may have impact on externally funded projects but are not under the oversight of SPA, such as human subjects and University travel – domestic or international, may be found in PolicyTech or on the appropriate University office websites.