Your award has been funded!


What are the next steps for the Principal Investigator (PI)?

Sponsored Projects Administration
2000 W. University Ave.
Muncie, IN 47306


*Please note: As a PI, you cannot officially accept an award or execute an award agreement on behalf of the University. SPA handles this process and obtains institutional signature if required.


Who will help me?

Your Proposal Manager (PM), which can be found here, will help with the transition of your funded sponsored project to the designated Grant Manager (GM).

Once the fund code becomes active in the University’s financial system, the PI will use that fund code for all expenses related to the sponsored project. If you, the PI anticipate early expenditures to the sponsored project prior to full execution of the award agreement, notify the GM and follow the policy for contingency spending.


Remember, as a Principal Investigator, you are responsible for all aspects of the project—programmatic and fiscal

Your responsibilities are outlined in the Principal Investigator Responsibilities Policy.

Spending Sponsored Project Funds

  • Charge expenses directly to the fund code for your sponsored project rather than charging to another fund code and then transferring to the fund code for your sponsored project via a journal voucher.
  • Spend according to the budget that is in the executed award agreement. If you need to change your budget, contact your Grant Manager. Alterations to the budget may require prior approval.
  • You will receive two automated reports per month from after the general ledger closes each month (usually the 10th of the month): 
      • Monthly Detail Report: This report will show the expense categories and detailed expenses (each individual line item) in each category for the month that just ended. The subject line of the email will be "Monthly Detail Report" and will also include the PI name and date information. 
      • Inception to Date Report: This report will show the expense categories, the budgeted amounts in each category, and all expenses on the project from the start date of the project to the month that just ended for each expense category. The subject line of the email will be "Inception to Date (ITD) Summary Report" and will also include the PI name and date information.

Download the Simple Guide for one-page instructions on how to read and interpret each report.

Download the Full Report Guide for more comprehensive information.

You can always contact your Grant Manager for assistance with reading and interpreting these reports or any other aspects of the fiscal management of your sponsored project award.


Effort Certification for (Some) Sponsored Projects

Ball State University requires effort certification on sponsored projects where the source of funding is the federal government or the state of Indiana, or where such certification is required by award terms and conditions. At least annually, Principal Investigators/Project Directors (PIs/PDs) on eligible sponsored projects are required to certify their own effort and the effort of employees paid from the sponsored project, including students. For awards with a duration of less than one year, certification is required at least once. Certification of salary and effort will be done electronically. Sponsored Projects Administration will provide a link for PIs/PDs to access their certifications.